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Web services, also known as web services, allow you to build simple distributed applications regardless of platform. In their work, they use the well-known XML standard. Accessing web services is also extremely easy using standard protocols like HTTP or SOAP. Web services can be used to integrate applications written in different programming languages on different development platforms. One of their most important advantages is the fact that the client application that wants to use the provided service does not have to be written in the same language (Python, PHP, C #, JavaScript) as the web service, moreover, it even no need to know about creating a service. All that is required to use this technology is the web address of the service and the names of the methods it provides.

For all its advantages, web services are not without drawbacks, in particular, a negative impact on performance. One of the responses to the shortcomings of classic web services has been the REST-style “lightweight” web services technology-based directly on the HTTP protocol. Classic network services based on SOAP and WSDL are still used where the most important are the stability and maturity of solutions, as well as the ability to accurately describe the interface: in government, banking, healthcare and many other standardized industry solutions.

The Java platform has one of the best web service implementations in both SOAP and REST style. The APIs are already available in standard Java, and their implementations to run services are available on all popular application servers. Current versions of the interface allow for high-level abstraction programming based on annotations and, if necessary, access to low-level communication details.

What are the benefits of developing web services at iTizzi Software Development Company?

Reasons to use web systems? Web system development at iTizzi – Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Eastern Europe

The main reason you should use web services technology is to naturally divide your project into modules, making it easier to develop your application later.

At iTizzi Software Development Company located in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, we offer our clients the following services: development of web services, web systems, website development, creation of online services for business, as well as the creation and maintenance of web services and portals to order.