Development of specialized software to order in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine


Each organization, in addition to the standard processes associated with issuance and accounting documents or typical relationships with customers, production, etc., implements business processes specific to its activities, and uses its own developed know-how, which very often determines its advantages On the market. Non-standard processes should be handled by non-standard software.

Creation of special software – Ukraine and Eastern Europe

Specialized Internet applications are an effective way of developing a company and, therefore, guaranteeing its best position in the market. By creating your own software in collaboration with a team of certified iTizzi professionals, you influence its form – customized programs combine years of business experience with IT application developers’ experience. With our support, web application development is a guaranteed success. All you need to do is tell us about your idea, and we will make special software, mobile or web application, website, program for you.

Software Development with iTizzi Software Development Company – What do you get?

We start building an application by jointly defining the requirements for your product during communication and identifying the most effective ideas – even before we create a project vision that will provide a real chance for future success.

Our cooperation with clients begins with consultations, which allow us to clarify the concept of the application with the client and allow us to design the first representations of the system. As a result, specialized applications that are thoughtful and refined in every respect are programmed to meet the needs of users.

A team of certified IT solutions analysts provide strategic solutions for even the most complex specialized application requirements. We specialize in the development of software, applications and products using the latest technologies, thanks to which each custom software is adapted to the client’s expectations and challenges that will appear on the market.

We support process automation, so you can focus entirely on running your business with dedicated software that effectively helps, not hinders you. Having defined the requirements in advance, we take responsibility for the implementation of the project and provide the finished results in the form of a detailed application.

In our daily work we use flexible Agile methodology, thanks to which we are experts in meeting difficult deadlines – we understand that time is money. The development of software, websites, applications is carried out in accordance with the delivery scheme, which guarantees the consistency and transparency of our activities. Good organization and streamlining of custom application development processes deliver the expected results on time.

Continuous improvement

Development of software, applications is a constant improvement of the developed solutions. We set up a continuous integration and custom software delivery process so you can easily check and change your requirements. Progress reporting helps you identify any disruptions in the ecosystem of custom applications, allowing you to make changes and thus deliver better services to your users.

Custom web applications – implementation, testing and software development at iTizzi Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv

By creating specialized software, we make sure that you are always aware of the progress of work. We use tools that allow us to maximize control over our activities. The project manager will inform you not only about the successes, but also about the problems that always arise when working on software. Of course, at the same time we will indicate the most effective solutions for each problem encountered.

We know that specialized web applications must work flawlessly on any type of device and be fully functional and intuitive to use. This is why we attach such great importance to testing the code we write. Quality control carried out by experienced technicians allows you to instantly detect any errors and make the necessary corrections. We are constantly improving specialized applications and provide professional assistance after implementation, so that we can effectively develop custom software. It will always be optimized and adapted to market trends.

By choosing individual web applications that our company will develop and implement, you will receive solutions that will allow you to gain an edge over your competitors and stand out in the market.

Dedicated software is not only a more efficient business, but also the beginning of building a professional brand image, sustainable development, or the ability to integrate custom applications with existing systems. If you are looking for a company specializing in business applications, contact us.

Special software development for companies in Dnipro, Lvov, Kiev – an optimized cooperation scheme iTizzi Software Development Company

A team that creates specialized web or mobile applications faces many problems associated with the unusual specifics of this type of solution. These projects are largely unique, but very often they also include a completely individual set of features needed to be precisely tailored to the specific needs of the client. Consequently, custom software must be implemented as part of an optimally structured and carefully executed process that breaks down the project into key factors, complements it with complementary concepts, and then reassembles it into a coherent and efficient whole.

This procedure is no different from other IT solutions. Below is an overview of the scheme of cooperation with a client who has been successfully working in our software development company for many years:

  1. The Initial Business Analysis phase focuses on accurately defining and thoroughly analyzing your needs and project objectives.
  2. Consultation and project discussion, during which we will appoint an individual project manager for you, and the planned special software will be carefully planned, discussed and improved in cooperation with a multi-person team of specialists in various fields.
  3. The stage of correct implementation of the previously developed specification. During this process, custom applications are created in fortnightly phases known as so-called sprints. After completing each of them, you will receive a current code that you can check and discuss with your supervisor to let us know about any wishes and comments.

Specialized applications for business in Vinnytsia and Kiev – support and development

A separate service, not mentioned above, provided by our company, is also a permanent service for existing specialized software – this is constant support in the periodic modernization or expansion of your program with new functions, we remain at your complete disposal. Depending on your needs, we may work with you for a specific period of time strictly defined by you, or provide you with support for an indefinite period.