Development of software for working with graphics, software for inventory control in Ukraine from iTizzi Software Development Company


Cheap and good – graphics software in the company

Computer graphics are evolving year after year and are preparing for a more advanced and professional approach. Professional graphic designers develop graphic materials using a variety of graphics programs, among which the most popular are Photoshop and Corel Draw. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on graphics software to create professional computer graphics. What software to buy for a graphic designer in a company without spending too much money on it and without losing efficiency?

Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw come first

If we have an advertising studio or media agency that builds websites and develops computer graphics, it is natural that graphic designers should work on professional software. Basis – Adobe Photoshop – a universal working tool. It allows for incredible visuals. The program allows you to implement computer graphics in 2D and 3D technologies. The program has many tools for design and image retouching. With the purchase of Adobe Photoshop software, a graphic designer receives a ready-made program for processing digital photographs at an advanced level. Unfortunately, buying Adobe Photoshop in the highest version is very expensive. Corel Draw is slightly cheaper.

Inexpensive analogs of graphics programs

If we are just starting our business or we do not have enough financial resources to invest in Adobe Photoshop, we can successfully replace it with a free program or order the development of a specialized program created for you to order, taking into account your needs and requirements. This can be a great replacement because such an application will only have functions that are important to you.

Automated warehouse space management system for enterprises and companies

Comprehensive warehouse management software helps improve warehouse management, document flow and reduce warehouse management costs. Industrial and commercial activities in many ways force entrepreneurs to have storage facilities for storing raw materials, for production, for finished products or goods intended for sale.

Warehouse management in an enterprise – we can say that the concept of warehouse management in an enterprise should be understood as all actions taken in the field of warehouse management of a company. This is based on the correct distribution of products across the available storage space, as well as maintaining an appropriate level of warehouse stock. The entrepreneur must ensure that there is no shortage of stocks of raw materials or semi-finished products for production. The warehouse should be regularly supplemented with goods of increased consumer interest. Manufacturing, sales, and warehousing are closely related, so integrating the management of all these activities in the enterprise will be key to the smooth running of the company. In addition to actually managing the goods in the company’s warehouse, entrepreneurs are required to document the flow and transfer of goods to and from the warehouse. The development of warehouse programs helps in this. The development of software for inventory control at iTizzi (Kyiv, Odesa) allows you to control the level of inventory on an ongoing basis, even when the entrepreneur or employees are physically absent.

Warehouse management system – iTizzi software development company in Lviv and Vinnytsia

Warehouse software for manufacturing and trading companies allows you to control, coordinate and improve all processes that can be combined under the general name warehouse management. Thanks to the introduction of custom-made computer software into warehouse management, which best suits the needs and preferences of the entrepreneur, it is possible to significantly improve the operation of the warehouse and reduce the cost of storing goods.

Software, full automation of a warehouse can signal a shortage in the warehouse or a low level of its own products or raw materials. Thus, there is no need to physically track the amount of stock in the warehouse.