Development of online platforms for various types of market in Ukraine – iTizzi Software Development Company


The purpose of the article is to present the opportunities created by the Internet for the entrepreneur and investor. We will look at the various types of online platforms, trading platforms that are used most often. Since the Internet appeared in almost every home, the average user of this medium has received great opportunities to invest their financial resources in the markets. Until 10 years ago, one of the few ways to increase money was to put it in a bank account or invest in the stock market. Both of these forms (and not only them) required a visit to a bank or brokerage office. Nowadays, all you need is to create your own online business platform. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of internet platforms in Eastern Europe and point out their most important features.

Capital Market Internet Transaction Platforms

What are the opportunities and trends in using an online banking account, and the future of such services? The current situation on the Ukrainian market means that in order for a client to choose a bank and an online account in it, it is not enough to offer him a basic set of functions, such as the ability to make transfers, track account history, or set up deposits via the Internet. The future seems to be with accounts that offer not only basic services, but also a range of additional tools that extend the benefits of an account. The bank’s offer may include classic banking operations, as well as the possibility of investing on the stock exchange. An example is also the offer of banking Internet platforms, where you can insure an apartment or a car, as well as top up your mobile phone account using funds in your account. The offer is very wide, the cost of these operations is lower than in other more specialized institutions. You can order the development of such a web platform, a site for Internet transactions, and many other services at iTizzi – Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Lviv.

Development of online trading platforms in the foreign exchange market

A modern person can buy bonds online (for example, using a bank platform), but the opportunity to “enter” global markets, not only in Ukraine, is no less important. A good example of this kind of action is the global currency market – Forex. This market is traded five days a week, 24 hours a day. Every day 2 trillion dollars are “scrolled” on it. Problems with the conclusion of the transaction never arise. Essentially, Forex trading is buying and selling currencies. Of course, the most popular currencies are the dollar, euro or pound sterling, but it is also possible to transact in less popular currencies. In this market, you can make money by developing online trading platforms. On such a platform, an investor should be able to trade independently from anywhere in the world. He should also have access to current news, information, market analysis, analyst recommendations. These platforms should have technical analysis tools as well as updated online currency rates or technical analysis indicators. The development of online trading platforms at iTizzi Software Development Company is the future of Forex trading.

Online platforms in education

The technological progress that we see in all spheres of life is reflected in education. Modern tools and new technologies, in particular the Internet, make it possible to overcome the distance barrier in access to knowledge. Moreover, they have opened up new opportunities for learning using computers or mobile devices. The main tool for creating e-learning is the educational platform. Defined as the IT environment in which distance learning takes place. In the nomenclature, this is also presented as – an IT system designed for distance learning, which allows you to manage the learning process, monitor it (track progress), and keep records. The most important functions of the educational platform allow you to design, create and deliver online training at the web browser level. The very structure of the platform should provide all users with the ability to conduct any e-learning event. For students – a virtual personal learning space with tools for work, learning, and communication, and for lecturers – to manage didactic materials, groups of students, and the learning process itself. It is no secret that the popularity of specialized online discussion forums will grow – it is an indispensable element of learning and a source of knowledge for students and schoolchildren, therefore, it is especially important for educational institutions that care about their image to develop their own educational platform, web service.