Development of iOS, Android and WWW applications to order – Ukrainian company iTizzi, Kyiv, Odesa, Ukraine


The application should be functional, easy to use, and provide some value to the user. Especially for you, we, iTizzi Software Development Company in Ukraine, will create an appropriate application for computers or mobile devices. In-depth knowledge of users, competition and technology allows you to develop better products that will drive your business and determine its success. Our developers, along with the UX designer and project manager, will guide you and your team step-by-step through the process where you get to know your target group, refine your solutions and define an action plan. Whether it’s a simple game or an advanced tool, an app is another great way to reach customers. iTizzi Company, Kiev creates mobile applications, applications for Android, creates applications for iOS, web applications, web systems.

Our software studio will create a mobile or web application for you, thanks to which you will also reach more users.


Expand the range of your services and provide users with a mobile application that they will use on smartphones, tablets, smart watches or TVs. We develop mobile applications for various industries, including betting exchanges, e-commerce, and cryptocurrency.

We create native apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) and Android on Swift and Kotlin, as well as cross-platform solutions based on Flutter technology.


Give your customers quick access to your offer at the browser level. We will prepare a web application for you based on PHP, Node.js or React.js technologies.

We will take care of the external and internal interface, make the interface intuitive, and adapt the solution to the needs of business and users.

Why is it worth developing projects of mobile applications and games with iTizzi – Kiev, Vinnytsia?

The website may seem like enough, but the app gives you a lot more. It can be used for calculation, as a competitive game, an easy-to-use online shopping tool, and much, much more.

The application may have a mechanism that prompts the user to take a specific action. This is a great way to create ad campaigns, contests, or useful apps to complement the information on your site.

Users will always have apps for smartphones and tablets with them. Thanks to push notifications, you can constantly contact the client and remind him of promotions or taking the desired action.

What a website cannot have for various reasons can be included in the application. Its functions support the daily activities of your clients. Stand out from the competition and give your audience something that others do not have!

What makes us special among our competitors?

Every good project is built on a solid foundation. This is why we adhere to principles that enable us to create better



Our team always has a place for an open exchange of views. It also means that we are not afraid of criticism as long as it is respectful and can improve our work. We believe that good communication is a key element of a successful venture.


Technical knowledge is important, but we also think about your business. We observe an ever-changing market and adapt our products to its requirements. As a result, users are more likely to show interest in the app and your business will grow.


We focus on the employment of specialists. Our team consists of programmers with an average experience of over 5 years. This doesn’t just mean that they know how to create good applications. They also know what is needed to take effective action and achieve the desired results.

Do you have an idea for creating an application?

We design and develop the best iOS and Android mobile apps and web apps for you. Send a request or contact our consultant to calculate the volume and cost of your project.