Development of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Ukraine and its scope


Artificial intelligence is rapidly finding its place in key business areas. According to data from iTizzi Software Development Company soon in Eastern Europe, it will account for 25% of all technology spending. Artificial intelligence and its implementation, expanding human intelligence through efficient processing and accurate analysis of data, allows for more motivated decisions, and automation improves various operations.

How does artificial intelligence and the AI ​​development process work at iTizzi IT company?

The ability to recognize faces and objects is cited as a flagship example of how artificial intelligence works. Robots equipped with artificial intelligence can play chess with a person and give interviews. Artificial intelligence is an attempt to display in devices how the human brain works – how it understands speech and solves problems. The emergence of such a high level of intelligence that is endowed with devices requires a large group of professionals. This is a very exciting job market for AI specialists creating a special algorithm, working on programming artificial intelligence and machines that will execute commands of special software.

Three factors have contributed to the diffusion of these new technologies. The first is the cloud, which provides on-demand access to high computing power. The second is the explosive growth of data (90% of the world’s data has been created in just the last two years), which exceeds the critical mass required to use the intelligent algorithms that form the basis of artificial intelligence and automation. The third factor is new tools that a company can easily implement and integrate into its IT environment.

Examples of implementing artificial intelligence in life

Where in Ukraine can we find AI development, machine learning development? Artificial intelligence in medicine can help diagnose diseases, recognize changes in X-rays. An important and increasingly efficient area is the creation of intelligent autonomous vehicles. It’s about building vehicles that either support you or try to replace the driver entirely. Special software is designed to protect against various human errors – to stop when an obstacle imperceptible for the driver appears on the road, to monitor the state of a person – whether he is tired or focused on the road, etc. Another, possibly closer example of using artificial intelligence in practice – use of assistants in smartphones. Having selected the appropriate program, we can give a voice command, and the phone will execute it – it will call a person from the list, find a route, etc. AI is also used in the field of entertainment. It is endowed with playable characters that respond appropriately to player behavior.

But where should a company, business, enterprise in Kyiv, Odesa or Vinnytsia start, given such a large number of AI applications available on the market?

This question is very relevant in Lviv as well, here are the five most important aspects to consider when deciding whether to buy these new technologies:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are great general support tools for businesses in Dnipro. Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are no longer a gimmick and are becoming routine business support tools.