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The mobile revolution has changed the mindset of most business owners.  Every business uses this technology to create a 24/7 functional platform, using a seemingly new idea or simply developing a mobile application for their business, even if it is a new small business.

 At the moment, applications have become an integral part of our daily activities.  There are countless mobile applications on the market that serve different purposes for different people.  If we’re talking about today’s competitive and growing business industry, companies that have never needed apps before are also coming into play.

 There are those who struggle to stay ahead of the technology curve.  Likewise, some intend to meet customer demand by developing an app that makes life easier.  At the moment, there is a wide range of applications that are best suited for many business categories.

 If you ask: how many categories?  Then read on.

 We will look at the different types of applications we develop that are currently used by businesses around the world.  The importance of facilitating business operations can be understood by implementing different types of applications for your employees and customers.


 Here are the different types of apps you should be using right now to increase your business productivity and increase your customer base.

 Utilities and Tools

 This is a category of mobile applications that are used by various clients to get their jobs done faster and more efficiently.  These business applications also enable users to easily analyze and search for data.  Some of the most popular in this category include data protection apps, scanning apps, notebook apps, currency apps, world clock apps, and others.

 All of these apps work great to improve business productivity by helping our clients.  These applications are now widely used by many small and large businesses around the world.

 Content management and social media

 These apps will help you share content on social networks on a schedule.  They allow you to schedule posts and instantly notify you when your target audience engages with posts.  For example, when you use a content management app and social media, you can easily manage comments, hashtag campaigns, shares, and likes right from a single dashboard.

 To have more focused web content that remains consistent across all channels, you must use a content management app.  This will allow you to create, edit, and share web content in one place.  There are several content management applications that also include several templates that automatically computerize various tedious segments of content creation as well as editing.

 Development of payment applications

 Payment apps that work on all mobile devices are one of the greatest conveniences we all have today.  Whether you are a business owner or a customer, we all now use these payment apps all the time to fulfill our orders.

 This is one of the most suitable options for those who spend money on non-cash transactions.  In fact, developing mobile payment applications is now the trendiest, feasible and preferred way to make payments.  Almost all of the companies represented on the Internet now use these payment applications to facilitate their customers’ work and continue their business operations without any additional resources.

 Some of the big companies using these mobile payment apps include e-commerce websites, banks, grocery stores, and others.  In fact, your customers can now also use the same payment app to pay across multiple retail outlets.  Some of the more prominent examples of payment apps include Venom, PayPal, mobile wallet apps, and Square Cash.

Custom Software Development and Programming in Ukraine Eastern Europe: Types of Business Applications, Startups, Web Services - Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnitsya, Kharkiv, Dnipro

 File Management Application Development

 First, the Internet has reduced our dependence on paper documentation and communication.  And now digital documents are also being exempted from conventional desktop programs like MS Office.  This is due to the advanced file management applications for business use.  After that, documents no longer need to be stored using the hardware device.

 Previously, when documentation or information was used to store on a hardware device, it remained isolated from collaboration.  They were more prone to massive data loss in the event of a computer crash.

 However, companies have now implemented advanced file management applications that not only allow you to save, but also allow you to create and collaborate on various documents in the cloud.  What’s more, you can easily do it from any device or anywhere you want.

 Contact list building and email marketing

 If you want to grow your online business, you just need to use email marketing apps.  These applications are very important to facilitate your email marketing operations.  They allow you to send personalized and targeted messages both on an ongoing and automatic basis.  There are many types of email marketing apps, and each one offers unique features and functionality.

 However, the best approach is to develop a contact list app that suits your needs.  There are several applications available on the market with different templates that you can use to create your contact list.  These apps also offer performance reports.  This means you can easily find out which emails are bringing results.  You will be able to distinguish between emails that are most interesting and generate more conversions than those that do not produce promising results.

 Communication Apps

 When we talk about one of the most popular and newest business applications, it is impossible not to think about communication applications in the first place.  Communication applications largely support business operations at all hierarchical levels.  Communication applications enable quick and hassle-free communication between business employees.  These applications typically change the productivity of an organization.

 From customer support to sales and administrative tasks, the importance of secure and seamless communication across an organization cannot be underestimated.  There are many communication applications on the market and many companies are developing these applications with their business needs in mind.

 These applications allow you to send text messages and messages instantly and securely across the entire enterprise.  This allows employees to easily bypass any dependency on vulnerable and complex consumer-grade messaging channels.

 Some of these applications also offer special capabilities for today’s business people, such as file sharing, remote access, and messaging in various formats between multiple users or computers.

Finance and Fintech Application Development

 There are also some fintech solutions that help you keep track of all your bills, finances and expenses in one place.  Any business using an application to manage all of its finances in one place greatly increases the likelihood of timely payment.  These apps will also help you never forget to pay a bill or send an invoice.  They reduce any risk of complications should your business ever be audited during tax season.

 While taxes and accounting are considered by many companies to be the most difficult aspects, many small businesses tend to fail because of the mismanagement of these areas of business.  So you can easily help your business with invoicing and financing by developing a mobile app to streamline and streamline the process.

 Development of corporate applications to order – Kiev

 Enterprise applications are actually specially designed applications to fully meet the various needs of the business, not any particular person or area.  These apps can be used to help businesses, schools, government, or retailers.

 Enterprise apps help with time and expense tracking, sales automation, approvals, and more. These are all great apps now helping businesses of all types around the world.  Many companies choose to develop their own application according to their business preferences.  Some applications are readily available as off-the-shelf software products and some are specialized applications.

 Why does your business need a mobile app?

 More and more companies are constantly choosing business applications.  The idea of ​​developing mobile applications is connected not only with a large, corporate business.  Even medium and small businesses are now making the most of this technology.

 The question arises: what is so attractive for enterprises in having their own mobile applications?

 Well, there are many reasons for that!

 It keeps customers

 The best thing about developing a mobile app for your business is that it gives business owners a great opportunity to keep their customers engaged.  These applications allow companies to obtain a huge amount of data, such as profile data or a specific location.  This information is very useful for targeting customers in real time and ultimately helps in increasing business revenue.

 Increases customer loyalty

 When you develop a business application to facilitate your business operations, it helps tremendously in increasing customer loyalty.  While companies have all the traditional marketing methods such as billboards, banners, newspaper ads, flashing signs, flyers and others, in today’s marketplace, many companies tend to lose control of their customers.  When a business offers its customers various incentives, it helps to keep them and keep them coming back in the near future, while winning their loyalty at the same time.

 Strengthens brand identity

 When you create a mobile application for your business – Dnipro, Lviv, it significantly contributes to increasing brand awareness.  It is very important that your business application is neatly designed and looks good.  It helps to impress customers and strengthens the brand’s identity.

 Future and trends of mobile app development

 Mobile apps have a bright future.  Apps should generate $ 808.7 billion in revenue in 2022, according to Statista, as mobile app technologies are always driving new trends and driving new opportunities for stakeholders.  Implementing timely mobile app development can play a huge role in the success of your business, and keeping in mind the following popular trends is key.


 5th generation (5G) wireless technology will have a maximum speed of up to 10 Gbps or even 100 Gbps, making it 10 (or even 100) times faster than the current 4G network in use.  This technology will have a huge impact on the future of applications.  It is expected that 1.4 billion devices will be connected to 5G technology in the next 5 years, which means that this technology will occupy a leading position in standard data transmission worldwide.

 Various business opportunities are expected to thrive, especially in the implementation of virtual reality, augmented reality, HD video streaming, 360-degree video streaming in various industries in which 5G technology will play a key role.  Not to mention, data security is also one of the main features expected from 5G technology.

 With its reliability and speed, Odessa-based application developers can create more options for different designs and features in the future, delivering increased performance for businesses across different industries.


 AI is definitely not a new technology in the mobile app development market.  In various industries, especially in healthcare, agriculture and banking, artificial intelligence will be the driving force.  Improving its quality will create an excellent prospect in terms of revenue: the AI ​​industry is expected to reach $ 118.6 billion in revenue by 2025.

 Improvements to existing AI-powered tools such as camera, voice translations, custom predictions and virtual assistants will come full circle.  In addition, AI will continue to develop data, detect problems, and provide real-time solutions that will be widely applied in healthcare and banking.

 Although artificial intelligence technology has been introduced and used for many years, the following trends are expected to emerge in mobile app development:


 In 2016, Android launched instant apps that made things easier for both developers and users.  Instant apps are available to users without having to install the app itself on the device, allowing you to work directly over the Internet without requiring download times and preventing device storage from cluttering.

 They may look and function like a mobile website, but the difference is that they provide a more advanced UX design for a seamless experience.

 While it is only limited to the Android user audience, it is possible that businesses and various industries will realize how convenient it will be for both businesses and consumers.


 In 2019 alone, 2.07 billion consumers worldwide used mobile wallets to make payments and send money.  Apparently, an increase in the number of mobile wallet users is expected in 2022, making this issue one of the current trends in the mobile app development industry.

 Various industries are likely to welcome technology options to improve business and user experience.  From cash to plastic cards that allow you to pay for various goods and services, it will now expand with improved use of mobile wallets.


 Customer service is one of the trends in the app industry, no matter what business it is.  With chatbots, customers can quickly resolve their issues and quickly respond to their queries without having to call a support representative.

 In 2017, the chatbot industry reached a valuation of US $ 946 million and is expected to reach at least US $ 5.63 billion in 2023 as business owners realize the amount of help they receive with chatbots regarding  lower labor and support costs.

 The use of chatbots in various industries such as transportation, retail, food delivery and even online shopping will improve in 2022.  In addition, support for chatbots like Siri and Google Assistant will be smarter, including new features to improve the experience.

Custom Software Development and Programming in Ukraine Eastern Europe: Types of Business Applications, Startups, Web Services - Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnitsya, Kharkiv, Dnipro
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 Cloud integration technology makes it easy to develop applications at no extra cost.  It also provides the best customer experience for application users around the world in a variety of industries.

 Given these recent trends in mobile app development, it is highly likely that competition between enterprises will become more intense between 2021 and 2022.  It seems important to know which trends are best for a particular application in a given industry or company, so that all efforts are crowned with success.  In short, the aforementioned trends are expected to go mainstream.

 Most of the time, if you are thinking of app development, you will need a mobile solution that can be implemented by a reliable software development company with extensive experience in projects and portfolio – iTizzi Custom Software Development Company.  We offer our software development services in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

 The specialists of our company will be happy to answer your questions.  The same goes for consulting on your project regarding timing and pricing information.

 Not sure where to start?  Our experts will help you!