Custom software development services trusted by companies in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa


What is custom software development?  What are custom apps?

Custom software development is the development of software for the specific needs of a business process or group of users.  These applications serve business purposes by providing features and workflows not typically found in more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software.

 How much does custom software development cost?

 The range is very wide because software can mean anything from a calculator on your phone to a complete corporate billing system that supports millions of users.  No two bespoke apps are alike.

 The most important factors in assessing the cost of software development:

 What technologies will be used to develop custom software?

 We are technologically neutral and strongly believe that each technology has its own pros and cons.  It depends on the skills of the developers, not the technology itself.

 We are working on a number of technologies, frameworks and programming languages ​​for both the server and front-end sides.

 Backend – Node.js, .Net Core, asp.Net (C #), PHP, Python, Java, Ruby On Rails, Go.

 Frontend – JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, iOS, Android, Electron, Unity, WPF, React Native.

 Databases – PostgresQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Firebase, Firestore, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Couchbase, Cassandra, etc.

 CMS – Liferay, Sitecore, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Moodle, Umbraco, Canvas, Adapt, Docebo, Litmos, Successfactors, Totara, etc.

 Cloud and integrations – Salesforce, Sharepoint, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker …

 Testing – Selenium, Saucelabs, Appium, Mocha, Katalon, SoapUI, Gatling, JMeter, Hoverfly.

 DevOps – Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, Codeship, Gradle.

Custom software development services trusted by companies in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa

 How can you make sure your software has great UI and UX?

 Our developers are creative technologists who know design.  This unique combination of skills ensures that our projects fit within your systems and provide your customers with the best experience.

 Building software with great UX requires changing the Agile process to fit the needs of UX designers:

 Custom software versus off-the-shelf software: the best approach to grow your business

 Custom software is created according to the user’s requirements, and standard software is off-the-shelf software that can be used immediately after purchase.  Choosing what works for your organization can sometimes put you in a difficult position.  In this case, it is not enough to know only about the pros and cons.  Let’s explore what is best for business growth – custom or off-the-shelf software.

 The software is designed to meet the specific needs of an organization or individual users.  For example, you are a HR manager who wants to implement a payroll system in your organization.  As a seasoned human resource person, you know the system inside out.  Consequently, you have decided to choose a customized solution that will be equipped with all the functions required for your company’s payroll system.

 When it comes to meeting your requirements, a custom software solution is the ideal solution.  If you want to create your own custom software that defines your business needs, feel free to contact iTizzi Custom Software Development Company Eastern Europe to help you meet your requirements.

 In addition, a tailor-made solution can give you an additional edge over your competitors, you can get useful information about your customers.  In turn, helping the sales team make faster and more accurate decisions, as well as improving the quality of customer service and increasing their satisfaction.

 Implementation trends – custom software versus finished product

 Looking at the trends in the adoption of the two types of software (for example, in the ERP category), it can be predicted that there will be a slight decrease in the use of off-the-shelf software and an increase in the use of specialized software.

 Dedicated software v / s off-the-shelf software

 Special software was created to solve the unique problems of a particular organization or individual.  It is specially designed for unique conditions and, when properly designed, provides the perfect solution to your problem.

 The ready-made software is intended for a wide range of consumers with a standard design and an already developed structure.  There is a possibility that it may not suit your individual requirements.  This will require you to be more careful when choosing one of them.

 Standard software has the advantage of being used by many users as it is readily available.  Anyone can buy it and install it for use right away.  But this will require your operations team to make an effort to understand the functionality of the software.

 As far as special software is concerned, it is created only for one person or company with their specific purpose.  A company or individual must deeply understand their needs and carefully consider how the final product will meet those needs.  Installation and integration of custom software is easy and hassle-free as the software is created in collaboration with people in the organization.

 Off-the-shelf software has low start-up costs as development costs are spread across a wider audience.  They are initially cheap to buy, but later they can be much more expensive;  sometimes due to inefficiencies, ongoing maintenance or subscription fees.  Another hidden expense associated with using off-the-shelf software is that your operations staff will need formal software training.

 Special software for companies in Kharkiv and Lviv is expensive at first, since it is developed to solve specific problems that require time and investment.  Although not cheap, it will last longer and cover all needs, minimizing your time investment.  Because it is designed for an existing process, it saves time and training overhead for operating personnel.

 The finished software is difficult to modify after purchase.  You do not know when your business will grow and when you will need to change the software you have already purchased.  Simply because you have no control over changes and updates to said software, you should limit yourself to the options available in the purchased software.  To make software changes, you need to convince the software company that your needs outweigh their product roadmap.

 On the other hand, specialized software can be easily modified and expanded.  You are the owner of the software, and in order to keep up with technology trends, transformations and changes, you need modifications to the software that keep the pace of your business.  A tailor-made solution provides the space and scope for the necessary modifications when the need arises.

 The time it takes to deploy the off-the-shelf software is almost zero as the user only needs to install the software and it is ready to use.  However, using the off-the-shelf solution may be unsatisfactory due to the standard features.  Plus, it can take surprisingly longer to implement and customize software that was not built for your specific needs.  It can’t be as easy as downloading a program and getting the result.  Most of the off-the-shelf software is structured as monthly subscription packages to keep costs down.  The perpetual nature of this model can end up costing more than a custom solution.

 In the case of non-standard software, it is built from scratch and endless customization possibilities are possible.  The development phase itself can take several months, which may not be possible in certain situations.  But the final product will meet your requirements, which will save time training for your operations staff.

 Choosing off-the-shelf software means that you are choosing a solution that is available to your competitors, and your innovative ideas can be easily copied by competitors.

 On the other hand, custom software offers a competitive edge.  This is because your competitors do not have a custom solution, and when your software is well designed, you will quickly see that you are ahead of your competitors.

 Out-of-the-box software runs into compatibility issues, which means your business operations, devices, or other systems can conflict with packaged products at a basic level, making it unusable or incredibly ineffective.

 Plus, if you don’t find the functionality that’s right for your company, you’re likely to use a variety of commercial products to fill in the gaps.  But this is not the only problem you may face.  Stock software is loaded with features that your company will never be able to use.  After all, too many features can slow down your system, creating more problems than efficiency gains.

 On the other hand, custom software fits easily into current business operations as it is built to meet the needs of the organization.

 Why do most companies choose custom software?

 Off-the-shelf software can be a good short-term solution.  What is the problem?  It doesn’t match your business personality and your needs.  You need software that fits your workflow to excel.

 ITizzi Custom Software Development Company offer for custom software development to order:

 Achieve optimal business performance with customized software tailored to your goals and needs.

 Through our technical partnership with modern platforms, we provide software customization and integration services.

 Make systems “talk to each other” to make your business more efficient by putting the right information in the right hands.

 We provide cloud migration services, technical architecture reviews, and full application re-engineering to update your IT infrastructure.

 Customizable tools designed to provide the deepest insight into your business, leveraging the results of big data processing.

 Leverage the power of technologies such as monitoring sensor data, streaming, and more to get real-time data responses.

 Work with iTizzi Custom Software Development Company to create custom applications and custom software for your growing business needs.

 Benefits of working with iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

 Dedicated software for your growing business needs

 iTizzi Custom Software Development Company provides software development services – Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro for the unique needs and challenges of your business.  We create intuitive, secure custom apps to improve user experience.

 From a deep analysis of your business to the development of custom software – Vinnitsa;  From user training to application support, we advise on which technologies to invest in, which technical architecture to choose, and advise on how to achieve the required level of data protection.

 Understanding your business goals

 Let’s discuss your short and long term vision in detail.  When we know your goals and understand the existing software, we can ensure the success of the project.

 Well thought out scaling solution

 We take a pragmatic approach to software architecture and design.  Choose important areas worth investing in in advance, and then prioritize others.  We also provide advice on data protection.

 Goal-oriented design (UX)

 Good software design helps to meet the needs of the users.  We conduct UX research to align the overall experience with your goals, user needs, and enable you to make informed decisions.

 How we develop custom software using Agile


 The first stage is collective planning.  Team members collaborate to clarify issues and provide a shared understanding of a custom software development project.

 Technical architecture

 We split monolithic applications into microservices.  Splitting code allows teams to move faster and independently.

Custom software development services trusted by companies in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa

 Regular code review

 Pre-release code review helps detect issues such as memory leaks, file leaks, and other annoying nuances.

 Industries that we serve in the field of custom software development:

 Fleet management software is a must to manage chaos, increase activity, increase productivity and reduce overall transportation costs.

 Highly parsed and customizable video content distribution software on demand and custom CMS.

 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a one-stop tool for managing the scope of your organization and customizing the digital transformation process with our full-scale technical consulting.

 An e-learning platform with user-centered design standards for a highly secure, highly secure, data-accessible, content delivery and assessment process.

 Manage your supply chain, product orders, logistics and delivery, forecasting, and product returns with inventory management software.


 The software industry is awash with tons of software products that are developed on a daily basis – whether off-the-shelf or bespoke.  As mentioned above, nowadays companies or individuals usually opt for tailor-made solutions.

 If you are looking for a software solution that meets your specific needs, we would recommend choosing a custom software solution as it will suit all your organization’s requirements.

 If you need software development services in Ukraine or Eastern Europe, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company can help you.  From consulting on the development of a solution to finalizing the final product, we have a team of dedicated professionals who can meet all your requirements.