Custom software development in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe: create software or buy?


Nevertheless, software manufacturers are not lagging behind and today there are a huge number of software solutions that can be useful to various companies. While many companies choose to buy software from vendors, it remains clear that such a solution does not solve many of the unique problems that companies face.

Given such a large number of different factors, it becomes obvious that it is impossible to give a definite answer to the question of developing or buying software. In this article, we tried to compare both options and explain under what circumstances it is recommended to use each of them. While this material is still not a direct guide to action, we believe it may be helpful for those facing this dilemma.

When do entrepreneurs face this problem?

The situations when a business requires software solutions differ depending on the industry and the specifics of the company. In most cases, such companies evaluate ready-made solutions first, since their implementation is much faster. When it turns out that none of the off-the-shelf products can truly solve a business problem, the question arises whether it’s worth developing your own software.


It is clear that entrepreneurs and business representatives are trying to cut their costs. Often, the decision to implement any software is motivated by the desire to reduce future costs.

In the dilemma of building and buying software, two main arguments are most common. First, the purchased solution will start to be useful almost immediately. Second, creating a custom product can be an overwhelming burden for a company’s budget. Both arguments are correct. However, it is difficult to say which one is best for a particular case. The purchased solution does not require large expenses and is quickly implemented. Most often, however, this requires either a large one-time payment or a monthly payment. You will be constantly charged, and the benefits of the standard software are not enough.

Thus, although the development of custom software – Vinnytsia, Lviv will cost more, in the end it will pay off as it will bring benefits to the business.

Service and control

Keeping any software running is a separate step that requires certain resources. Choosing between building and buying software, it is worth saying that the software company iTizzi Custom Software Development Company is engaged in the subsequent maintenance of the health of its product.

Customization and scalability

As you know, ready-made solutions are called so because they do not imply any major adjustments. Yes, there are situations when software manufacturers make big changes and add new functionality based on the wishes of a large number of customers. However, no one will do this just for your sake. If you are in urgent need of additional features, you just need to abandon this product and choose something new.

On the contrary, a custom software product developed by us can be scaled and expanded from the very beginning, since you can point to this possibility even at the design stage. Thus, your product is easy to change and scales perfectly to meet changing business requirements.

Custom software development in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe: create software or buy?

Pros of a custom software development solution

At the beginning, we said that we would not give a clear assessment of build-and-buy software. However, to draw the line, let’s look at a few of the possible consequences of a software purchase decision.

First, your problem will remain unresolved. Simply put, the wrong choice will not benefit you and you will simply waste your resources. At the same time, choosing a ready-made solution, having a clear idea of ​​how to build your own program, you are losing a unique opportunity to get real value, solve your problem and get ahead of the competition.

We advise you to carefully consider the question of whether to make or buy software, and study your case in order to make the only right decision for your business.

Custom software development services in Eastern Europe – iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

With over 20 years of technical experience and full commitment to providing products and services, our company has grown into a team of professionals capable of solving clients’ business problems by providing customized software development services in Vinnitsa, Kharkiv, Kiev, such as desktop, web – and mobile applications, cloud computing, DevOps and QA, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, UI and UX and much more. Our team has a successful track record of developing customized software solutions for startups, large, medium and small companies not only in Ukraine.

The mobile development apps we build run faster with increased scalability and functionality.

If IT is not your core business, outsourcing your infrastructure to a trusted and customer-centric technology provider like iTizzi Custom Software Development Company can provide compelling benefits.

Complement your team with a set of critical skills for your business or IT goals, fill the gaps in your current team, and ensure that your technology initiatives keep pace with your business needs.

Over the past 20 years, we have accumulated solid experience in developing desktop applications for all popular operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Unix.

We provide development services in React, Angular, Vue.js and use other popular JS technologies to make your applications stand out from the competition.

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iTizzi Custom Software Development Company – Experts to help you from start to finish

By offering a full development cycle, we provide ready-to-use, competitive, easy-to-maintain software solutions designed to grow our customers’ business and increase their return on investment. By understanding your needs and drawing up a plan to help you quickly deploy software, we can let you focus on your key business goals.

In-depth analysis of project requirements, offering the best architectural solution and roadmap for the implementation of the entire project.

Turning software specifications into a design plan, preparing design mockups and creating a project prototype.

Both front-end and back-end development, generating program code in a previously selected language.

Conducting QA testing at every stage of development, detecting defects, generating reports, tracking bugs, fixing and retesting.

Actual product release phase, market rollout, post-release support and maintenance.

Custom software development in Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Eastern Europe: create software or buy?

Why Choose Us?

We use our hands-on experience with the Internet of Things, Fintech applications, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, big data, and machine learning to help our clients make the most of today’s technology opportunities. We have developed a comprehensive approach to security and privacy and are constantly optimizing it to meet the most stringent requirements and regulations.

We are a reliable partner with a large portfolio of successfully completed projects. We have completed many projects for our clients around the world. Our approach allows us to build on schedule, build by function, or build according to budget.

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We are a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the latest software technologies and providing first-class custom software and application development services. We are ready to offer our clients a free MVP development in order to quickly get feedback on their idea.