How order Custom software development from Ukraine, Eastern Europe


Software development is a quite special area. Software creation inside your company needs time, highly qualified specialists, expensive software and hardware. In turn, remote software development at iTizzi Software Development Company is a solution that is incomparably cheaper than creating applications yourself. While some software companies focus on one of the spectrum of software manufacturing (for example, front-end or backend), we also implement more extensive programming projects and provide IT consulting services.

What are the types of software companies? There are many different IT companies. However, in general they can be divided into two different types: service companies (iTizzi company) and manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing companies

These are companies that develop their products and deliver them to users, which can be both businesses and individual customers. Such companies invest time and money in the development of ready-made solutions that can later be customized and implemented to the client’s side. They create software that can later be used by other companies to solve various business problems.
Microsoft, Google – samples of manufacturing companies. They offer a wide range of customized solutions that can be tailored and customized to suit specific business needs. However, off-the-shelf solutions have their limitations, and licensing often is quite expensive, especially if your company doesn’t use all the included components (which is a very common case). Companies looking to create a custom solution to meet their unique requirements usually turn to software development service providers: service companies.

ITizzi software development service company in Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Eastern Europe

We work directly with enterprises and provide them with a wide range of services – for example, individual programming projects.

Here are some of the benefits of working with the iTizzi development and programming service company:

You don’t need to worry about expenses like salary, workplace, hardware or software. All this is on the side of the software company. Software development agencies employ qualified and experienced programmers, but they also invest heavily in their professional development. By working with a dedicated software development agency, you gain access to the best talent in bespoke software development and can draw on the company’s in-house knowledge gained from many projects. ITizzi has extensive experience in custom software development and can assist you in many different areas, from product development and UX / UI design to software architecture and quality assurance processes.

What does iTizzi software company do in Ukraine and Eastern Europe? Here are the most common activities for software companies.

Creation of software solutions
This is the main task of any software agency. We specialize in several areas and types of software – for example, Full-stack, web development, mobile development, mobile app development. The software company iTizzi also specializes in certain technologies such as machine learning or blockchain development. By creating solutions for various industries and types of organizations, from startups, small and medium enterprises (SMBs) to large enterprises.

Providing business intelligence tools
The software development company offers its expertise in creating data analysis solutions. Data is a valuable resource that organizations own, but to fully utilize it, they need specialized software that can extract valuable insights from big data. We create data analytics solutions such as analytics reports, dashboards, and business intelligence tools that help their clients implement data-driven solutions.

IT consulting
We advise our clients on systems management, software architecture, custom solutions or innovation. The main goal of consulting services is to take your business to the next level by optimizing analytics, processes, and workflows using specialized software solutions.

“Outside” software development can be a key decision for the strategic development of your company, allowing more efficient use of investment resources. Especially young, dynamically developing companies will appreciate the convenience of the solution and the resulting savings. With our extensive experience supporting our international clients, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the level of our services and high-quality products while maintaining low costs.