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 Looking for experienced custom software developers?

 Our team has extensive experience in creating custom software products, whether it is a single page application or a complex enterprise platform.  At the same time, we are proud that we can use our best experience to create the special software we specialize in:

Online Marketplaces – Create an Outstanding Marketplace

 Looking to build the next Amazon or Airbnb and disrupt your industry?  With its online marketplace development services, iTizzi creates optimized and engaging platforms that generate high traffic, increase conversions, and increase sales.  We will help you create a successful, scalable and high-quality custom marketplace website that your users will love.

iTizzi Custom Software Development Company in Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Vinnitsya and Eastern Europe

 iTizzi Custom Software Development Company – Experts in the development of marketplaces and the development of complex web sites

 With extensive experience in developing marketplace websites from the ground up, our team of experts knows how to make your platform stand out.

 You need more than just a cost-effective online trading platform.  You need a product that will generate high traffic volume from search engines and a high conversion rate, which will help you attract customers and grow your business.

 As an experienced online marketplace development company, we know it’s vital to focus on your end users.  That is why we carefully analyze your target audience and their expectations, harmonize them with UX and UI design and create very attractive and profitable marketplaces.

 How is a successful marketplace created?

 A user-centered approach coupled with a well thought out business model is the key to creating popular and profitable marketplaces.  Having built and launched many e-commerce websites, our experts have collected the best practices in this area, and below are the steps we recommend for web-based marketplace development.

  1. Find a niche and choose the type of marketplace;
  2. Decide on a business model;
  3. Decide on the methods of attracting users;
  4. Confirm your idea with a prototype and early adopters;
  5. Determine the set of required functions;
  6. Take care of the UX / UI design;
  7. Choose the most suitable platform or technology stack;
  8. Build and run MVP;
  9. Promote, develop and scale your product.

 iTizzi will quickly and efficiently create a marketplace website for you that is up to date with the latest industry and tech trends and best practices.  And most importantly, your customers will love it.

Why should you build an online marketplace, website, complex web platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, trading platforms with iTizzi?

Save costs and get up and running quickly

 Our development process is efficient and completely transparent, which allows us to create your marketplace on time and on budget.

 Boost your conversion rates and sales

 We carefully align the user journey with intuitive UX design, resulting in highly engaging platforms that help you engage with customers.

 SEO-optimized solution

 We create websites that are mobile-friendly, ranked higher and get more traffic thanks to Google’s mobile-first approach.

SaaS platforms

 By offering SaaS development services, iTizzi will help your business stand out from the competition with a unique, secure and scalable solution.  Whether you need to create a new cloud application for your business or manage an existing product, we are happy to share our experience and passion for cloud solutions and help you solve any SaaS-related issue.

 Working with numerous SaaS firms, we know what problems you want to solve and how technology can solve them.  Leveraging their vast technology skills and vast domain expertise, iTizzi experts create SaaS solutions that are secure, fast loading, scalable on demand, and seamlessly integrated with third-party services.

 “When building SaaS applications, we focus on the needs and desires of end users.  Our experience shows that mobility and security are the two main concerns for users, be they your employees or customers.  Users just want to have secure access to the product at any time.

 As an experienced SaaS development company, we understand this, and using the latest technology and modern approach to web development, our team creates great SaaS applications that meet all the needs of end users. “

Minimum Viable Products (MVP) – Software development for a startup – Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Vinnitsya

 MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the best approach to new product development, allowing you to quickly test a hypothesis without significant investment.  MVP in software means a product with enough features to satisfy early adopters.  This way, you can quickly build your core product and launch it, dramatically reducing time to market.

 There is no need to waste time and create a complete product.  Only the basic functionality is created.

 Less functionality means less development effort and less budget.  This is the best way to test your idea cheaply.

 Get feedback from early adopters and decide whether to develop the product further or abandon the idea.

 One of the most common causes of startup failure is a lack of market demand.  Therefore, for every startup, regardless of industry and origin, there is a common problem: how to test your hypothesis within a limited budget and time frame.

 The iTizzi team understands your concerns and we draw on our extensive multidisciplinary experience to provide MVP development services.  This way we skip the learning curve and deliver your MVP within your budget and time frame.

 When creating an MVP, we use the Build-Measure-Learn approach, which is part of the Lean Startup methodology.  With it, you can eliminate uncertainties, save on costs, and get your product up and running faster.

 Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – Profitable Mobile Presence with PWA

 Progressive Web Development is a great option for businesses looking to quickly improve their mobile presence and increase website traffic within a reasonable budget.

 Mobile traffic is growing at a tremendous rate.  Mobile phones currently generate 60% of all traffic in the world.  At the same time, Google says that 53% of users leave a site if it takes more than 2 seconds to load, which means having a fast loading website should be a priority.

 How can you improve your site’s loading speed and engage effectively with a mobile audience at the same time?  PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology is the best and most cost effective solution.  By making your website a progressive web application, you will make it load faster than regular websites.

 In addition, as a web page, your PWA will provide visitors with a great user experience similar to that of your own application, increase traffic and increase conversion rates.  Therefore, building a PWA with the help of an experienced progressive web application development company in Kiev will benefit your business in many ways.

Special software adapted to your needs

 iTizzi provides full-cycle custom software development services to empower your business with a unique software product that perfectly suits your needs.

 We believe that every project can change the rules of the game, and therefore we support our clients comprehensively, going far beyond the code.

 Together with a team of enthusiasts, this approach helps us create the best customized product for your business.

 With experienced business analysts, project managers, software developers, UX / UI designers and quality assurance engineers on board, we can create a software product of any scale and fully meet your custom application development needs.

 Project Manager at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company Ukraine:

 “I am proud to say that our team genuinely cares about every project we work on.  Our priority is to ensure that the customized products and applications we create deliver the best results for our customers.

 To achieve this, when providing customized software development services, we start with a thorough analysis of the business requirements.  We also match requirements with possible solutions and advise the most effective course of action. “

 Trusted by companies of all sizes

 Our team has extensive experience in providing software development services for startups, Dnipro and existing enterprises.  This way, we know exactly what problems you need to solve and how to solve them with the help of technology.

 Startup software – Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Vinnitsya

 Whether you need to prototype, build a new MVP, or scale up an existing one, you need to move quickly.  Launch your product and test your idea quickly and on budget with our efficient custom web software development process.

 Small and medium businesses

 The iTizzi programming team will create a highly responsive and visually appealing customized software product for your business in accordance with the best industry standards.  We will also be happy to support and improve your existing solution.

Software development for enterprises and corporations – Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Vinnitsya

 Our experienced software developers are ready to help you with your digital transformation.  We understand your concerns and help you automate business processes and save money with a customized solution designed specifically for your company’s needs.

 Our subject matter expertise you can rely on

 Our experience in developing custom software products for specific industries has allowed us to accumulate knowledge of our own, which we share with our clients.  We provide advice at every stage of project development and provide custom software development services in accordance with the best industry standards.

iTizzi Custom Software Development Company in Ukraine, Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Vinnitsya and Eastern Europe

 Reliable and accurate financial analysis solutions.

 Easy-to-use booking platforms to increase traffic and sales.

 Reliable platforms for the car rental and sale business.

 Fast-loading e-commerce platforms that drive sales.

 Innovative solutions to grow your business.

 We successfully develop specialized software for finance, tourism, automotive, e-commerce, rental housing, insurance and other business areas.

 How We Build Custom Software – Software Development Cycle

1. Research and discoveries

 This is the first step in providing custom software services, helping our team of experts understand your business and its needs, and suggest better ways and solutions using dedicated software.

 2. Product design (UX and UI)

 We develop prototypes and user interface for your future software based on product goals and target audience.  This helps us realize the user journey and create an intuitive user experience that your users will love.

 3. Product Development (MVP)

 Our experienced business software developers create your product based on the latest industry standards.  Your product will be secure, scalable, and easy to maintain, allowing you to add new features as needed.

 4. Optimization and quality control

 By making special efforts to test each software product we create and optimize the code, we can guarantee the high quality and efficiency of all the individual solutions that our team offers.

 5. Deployment, monitoring and support

 We monitor the software after it is deployed and quickly resolve any issues that may arise.  Start developing full cycle software, we will take care of your product and support it on a regular basis if you do not have your own technical team.

 Specialized Software Requirements – Modern Requirements for Advanced Digital Products

 Drawing on our vast experience, the iTizzi team will help you create high quality software that meets all modern web standards.


 Fast loading:




 Default PWA:



 The perfect mix of technologies to create custom software

 Over the years, we have compiled a list of tools that help us create high-quality digital products that solve all business problems.  Together with our efficient development process, these tools allow us to keep the cost of software development services within the expectations of our clients.

 Why Choose iTizzi Company in Ukraine, Eastern Europe for Custom Software Development?

 Save costs and get your project up and running quickly

 Our development process is efficient and completely transparent, which allows us to deliver your software product on time and within budget.

 Get expert advice

 Having created many specialized software products, our experienced team offers the best solution for your business needs.

 An enthusiastic team that provides support

 We pride ourselves on our result-oriented team that values ​​communication, flexibility and emphasizes long-term value-added relationships.

 The right solution for your requirements

 Customer success is our priority.  We carefully align your business requirements with the functionality of the software to deliver maximum value.

 Best industry standards

 We monitor all industry trends and adapt the custom software development process according to the best standards.

 Post-launch support

 Our custom software service does not stop when your product starts working.  Our reliable support team will ensure your platform is running smoothly.

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