Creation of a cryptocurrency wallet, development on Blockchain in Ukraine, Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Eastern Europe


Regular economic shocks led to the creation of a unique currency – electronic money or cryptocurrency. They need an appropriate storage or, in simple terms, a wallet. For serious firms and organizations that do not want to “put” their own resources into a common “piggy bank”, we offer the creation of a unique Blockchain cryptocurrency wallet. Get in touch!

Safety is key

For a cryptocurrency wallet, it is important to have adequate storage. Both ordinary users and large investors use different wallets. It is very convenient to store money on your mobile in a special application.

When developing a site for a crypto wallet, we follow the following criteria:

        conversion functions;

        a wide “range” of cryptocurrencies;

        optimal price of services;

        the ability to store digital coins for a long time.

Of course, the reliability and safety of the functionality are taken into account, the possibility of maintenance and assistance-support at different stages of work is provided, development and creation of mobile applications for Android and iOS, React JS, etc. We set the price optimal!

Submit an application! We will create a website of any complexity!

Earn on cryptocurrency

The most common types of cryptocurrency earnings are:

        mining. After installing this program, you can transfer cryptocurrency on your PC and receive a commission for each transaction, earning on it;

        trading. An account is created specifically for making transactions on exchanges. Replenishment is possible with a bank card, by exchange, through a terminal, etc.;

        you can multiply “coins” simply by leaving them on your wallet. This is how interest will be calculated. This is the easiest way to make money on cryptocurrency.

On multicurrency wallets, you can use funds called fiat, you can replenish them with purchased Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. cryptocurrency. Coins in the “digital” category are constantly changing, being added. They can be sent to other addresses from your wallet, receiving quite a tangible income from this.

Cryptocurrency wallet design

A unique, but at the same time following the current principles of the latest technologies, the design is developed by our specialists. The wallet will be equipped with all security features, simple management will be worked out. The personal account will also be created according to innovative schemes to ensure the safety of personal data, passwords, and transaction history.

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