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The easiest way to define a smart contract in cryptocurrencies is a blockchain application or blockchain program. This will require digital contracts that are executed sequentially without human intervention. Ukrainian blockchain company for the development of applications and software (Blockchain)ITIZZI has already made a good showing in this area of ​​work. Get in touch!

BLOCKCHAIN ​​smart contracts  

According to the system of digital rules, a computer code is determined, which, after copying, executes network nodes.

The “smart” contracts created in blockchain networks make it possible to create a specific protocol in which user trust in each other is absolutely not important. Obligations are determined by the blockchain system. And in case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract by any of the parties, the second participant in the transaction feels completely insured.

This helps to do without the help of “third parties”, and therefore significantly save on the contract in material terms.

This is not the first year that Bitcoin has provided smart support. But the digitized form of contracts is distributed by Vitaliy Buterin, the developer and co-organizer of Ethereum. 

Pay attention. Each blockchain network approaches smart contracts differently.

The principle of writing and working smart contracts

A smart contract is a program that performs a specific task in a deterministic manner and according to clear conditions. 

In simple terms, this is a set of rules in the form of a piece of code that functions and works on the distribution nodes of the blockchain network.

Any smart contract is predefined. Developers (programmers) in Ukraine do it so that it performs only those functions for which it was created, unless, of course, their assumptions are respected. It doesn’t matter which side initiates the interaction first, the execution of the contract will be the same.

It should be understood that before the launch, the smart contract will be in a kind of “sleeping state”.


Smart contract code is configured to be developed in a variety of ways, including providing many types of solutions and services. The self-executing program helps to save on operational and bureaucratic costs and increase their efficiency.     

Smart contracts are especially useful when exchanging assets between participants. Although they are often used in the creation and development of cryptocurrency wallet (Blockchain), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) from scratch on decentralized exchanges, in production mobile games and applications.  

Smart contracts are being implemented in healthcare, charity, logistics, and DeFi finance. 

Introduction of smart contracts

The data of the codes after the “start” cannot be changed. You can only completely erase them, if such an opportunity was provided initially. Therefore, we can say with confidence that smart contracts are resistant to any changes.

Adaptation to your own needs is possible. To do this, before the launch itself, you need to write a smart contract in several versions, and then use it for dApps (decentral applications). 

Smart contracts are not trusted. This guarantees the safety of data in the blockchain chain. They can interact with each other, but do not provide another chain of trust. 

Smart contracts are absolutely available to anyone who wants to test them. Their source code does not change and is quite visible in Ethereum.  

Use custom software now. Smart contracts are getting more and more popular. They have a clear interface, there are no unnecessary modules and functions. It is possible to integrate with online stores, websites and external programs.

Setting up and creation takes place with the active participation of the customer. It’s posallows you to make the necessary changes and changes at the initial stages of the project. 

iTizzi is a software development company 

Not onlyUkraine (Kyiv, Odessa, Lvov, Vinnytsiaand other cities of the country), butEastern Europeorder us to development of software for blockchain (Blockchain )

iTizzi is a high-quality technical development for ICO, creation of cryptocurrency wallets (Blockchain), creation of decentralized applications (Dapps). These are unique blockchain solutions (Blockchain applications), creating a unique application of the blockchain ecosystem (Blockchain)and, of course, writing and testing Blockchain smart contracts strong>.

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