A company for the development of a cryptocurrency exchange / exchanger, a cryptocurrency wallet in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa


To ensure fast and secure transactions using virtual currency, our top blockchain developers create reliable cryptocurrency exchange solutions. iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, founded as one of the pioneers of blockchain technology, specializes in developing innovative cryptocurrency exchanger solutions by introducing the latest technologies. We help Eastern European entrepreneurs integrate their own cryptocurrencies on custom cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Solutions for the development of a crypto exchange. For all types and sizes of business

Depending on the size of the organization, we provide cryptocurrency exchange solutions tailored to your business needs. Depending on the complexity associated with each type of organization, we have assigned different technologies to be used for the respective cryptocurrency exchange platforms; Ruby on Rails for startups, Angular and Node JS for small and medium enterprises, and C ++ for large enterprises.

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Development of a cryptocurrency exchange / exchanger in Ukraine and Eastern Europe/ All cryptocurrency exchange solutions for all your needs at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

Build your own bitcoin exchange platform with experienced cryptocurrency programmers in the market. We design customized, secure and reliable bitcoin trading websites according to your specific business requirements.

To ensure a successful ICO launch, our experienced professionals will guide you from conceptualizing tokens to creating smart contracts and deploying a website, then developing a complete ICO campaign. SEO professionals and digital marketing experts will develop an action plan with proven marketing strategies that help promote your cryptocurrency venture in the cryptocurrency world.

Ethereum developers at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company know how to create innovative decentralized financial applications. Take a step forward and increase your business productivity with the best Blockchain technologies; Ethereum Application Development.

A cryptocurrency trading platform should be secure, user-friendly, and easily accessible. We will transform your cryptocurrency exchange idea into a secure and versatile cryptocurrency exchanger platform to effectively support virtual currency transactions.

ITizzi Custom Software Development Company employs top in-house developers who are proficient in various technologies such as Ruby On Rails, Angular JS / Node JS and other frameworks to create open source cryptocurrency exchange platforms for clients around the world.

A Decentralized Application (DApp) is a blockchain-based program that runs on a P2P computer network with consensus management. With our team of blockchain experts, we create DApps that will transform businesses forever with more security, more integrity, and of course, increased value.

iTizzi Custom Software Development Company is recognized for its innovative mobile solutions and we continue to provide the same standard in mobile cryptocurrency exchanger platforms. We develop fully customizable mobile cryptocurrency exchanger solutions that are safe and convenient.

A cryptocurrency wallet allows users to earn, manage and transfer their virtual currency. Unlike physical currency wallets, cryptocurrency wallets record transactions based on blockchain technology. Our experienced team excels at creating various types of wallets, including web wallets, mobile wallets, hardware wallets, and desktop wallets.

A company for the development of a cryptocurrency exchange / exchanger, a cryptocurrency wallet in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Dnipro, Kharkov, Vinnitsa

Some interesting facts about the cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange is not based on traditional currency exchange infrastructure. With a cryptocurrency exchange, we can convert one digital currency to another digital currency. The exchanger also allows you to convert virtual currency into other forms. Like other currencies controlled by central authorities, cryptocurrencies can be traded against other cryptocurrencies on trading exchanges. The cryptocurrency exchanger is very secure and user-friendly. Two-factor authentication ensures that the buyer’s and seller’s details match the records to initiate any transaction. Cryptocurrency exchanges compete with each other due to the enthusiasm of the blockchain market and the user community.

Features of the cryptocurrency exchange platform

The cryptocurrency exchange platform allows users to effectively manage virtual funds. With our advanced cryptocurrency exchange development services, provide your clients with an efficient trading platform to execute any number of digital transactions in the most secure environment.

To demonstrate the uniqueness of your business, we allow our clients to customize their cryptocurrency exchange platform according to their needs. However, safety and reliability never compromise as it is our top priority regardless of the business.

To support transactions using multiple digital currencies, we integrate various APIs to simplify all financial transactions on the platform. For each new cryptocurrency, we guarantee that it will be integrated into the exchange platform so that your business never stops.

Since there are over 1,600 cryptocurrencies in the financial market, it is important that the cryptocurrency exchange platform has wallets that support multiple currencies. We design multi-currency wallets to meet the needs of all your clients using different currencies around the world.

With a powerful backend admin panel, you can always stay on top of everything that happens on your cryptocurrency exchange platform. It also allows you to modify your platform in line with the latest trends and technologies in the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency exchange development process – Odessa, Kharkov at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company

By developing blockchain technology, iTizzi Custom Software Development Company has established itself as a leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company. As much as we want to pay tribute to our innovative blockchain development team, our development process plays an equally important role in providing the best cryptographic solutions.

The first step is to analyze the current digital currency market to confirm your understanding of the cryptocurrency exchange platform. We will make sure that you are well aware of all processes and risks before we start developing.

The next step is to start by designing an interface that is interactive enough for your clients to easily use for trading. In our own design studio, we create eye-catching designs according to your vision.

Our development team takes over and implements best practices to create a fully functional secure cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Quality assurance is imperative as we cannot deploy a flawed platform that compromises customer transactions and other financial activities. Our testing team performs various types of testing and performance analysis before launching the platform.

Why should you choose us as your cryptocurrency exchanger development company, exchange?

Our cryptocurrency exchange development team is well versed in using the most innovative features and techniques to create powerful and reliable cryptocurrency solutions. ITizzi Custom Software Development Company has a group of talented cryptocurrency developers with proven track record of working with diverse and complex cryptocurrency development projects. We are committed to offering our clients customized software development services. By working with us, you get the added benefit of reduced costs, more efficient and ultra-secure solutions.

What really makes our cryptocurrency exchange development company stand out?

The development of cryptocurrency requires understanding and using the best security features. So this isn’t really every developer’s cup of tea. But at iTizzi Custom Software Development Company, you’re in good hands. Security by our experienced development team will never be compromised. They use the best security features that cryptocurrency development has to offer and add codes several times before delivering the solution to customers.

iTizzi Custom Software Development Company prides itself on having some of the best and most certified cryptocurrency developers in the industry. Their solid experience and knowledge enables us to create the best cryptocurrency solutions for our clients.

A developer who will never be seen again after creating a product should always be avoided. We understand the urgent need for post-development support and therefore we have a dedicated and competent team serving you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us anytime to discuss your developments or any other project-related questions and get an instant response.