Blockchain software development – Services of iTizzi Company in Ukraine, Kiev


Blockchain technology is gaining more and more popularity. However, the use of this technology in business practice is limited to a small number of specialists with blockchain implementation skills, but iTizzi Software Development Company in Ukraine, Kyiv is developing software for blockchain and in this article will talk about this service.

Blockchain is a “chain of blocks of data”, a way of storing information in a database (for example, transactions), which is organized in sequential blocks. Each subsequent block also has a link to the block in front of it, creating a non-breaking chain. It is impossible to make any changes to the historical records due to the fact that the same copies of the entire chain are stored on different servers distributed across the network. The database is used on a public or private computer network.

Blockchain transactions are irreversible and completely secure. The history of records in a blockchain-based database can be viewed and audited, which enables auditing and increases trust. At the same time, every computer node on the network stores a copy of the database, so there is no single point of failure. Blockchain Consulting turns strategy into tangible business results. When implementing and developing blockchain technology – regardless of the stage of implementation – choose the supplier with the highest rating – choose the iTizzi Software Development Company (Vinnytsia, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kyiv, Eastern Europe, Ukraine).

What is a hash in blockchain technology? Each piece of information in the blockchain is mathematically encrypted as a “hash” before being added as a new block to the historical record chain. Hash is a short string of characters assigned to any large dataset using a so-called hash function. Abbreviations allow you to use a relatively short character string that matches a specific transaction stored on the blockchain and verified at any time.

Individual blockchain solutions, private blockchain and what are its advantages? Private blockchain allows you to choose partners and members who make up the blockchain network through which industry networks are built. The private blockchain ensures the security and confidentiality of information, and the data recording itself is fast and does not require such large resources (associated, for example, with energy consumption) as public networks.

Protection and decentralization of a company, website, a business using individual blockchain software solutions in Ukraine with iTizzi Software Development Company

Choosing iTizzi Blockchain Services is the choice of businesses from a variety of industries and around the world. We’ve built over 100 networks that deliver real value and change existing business partnerships. Over 1000 business and technology experts – leaders in blockchain technology for business applications, help you with the three main aspects of blockchain implementation in enterprise networks: governance, achieving business value, and leveraging technology.

Our basics:

A network design that is results-oriented

The iTizzi Blockchain Services team uses proven network design principles to transform businesses across different markets, industries and ecosystems.

The principle of good governance

Who is the owner of the network? Who is the owner of the data? ITizzi consultants can help you develop an operating model for your business network members that delivers benefits in a fair and democratic manner, operates in a transparent manner and grows as new needs arise.

Business value principle

How can the network generate income? Your blockchain network’s business model will be comprised of adequate monetization as well as initiatives that foster collaboration between participants and provide tangible network performance.

The principle of using the potential of technology

How do the benefits of blockchain help employees work smarter and better? We design interactions that encourage the massive adoption of new digital products and services while ensuring privacy, trust, and security.

Why are development issues so important?

The most demanding element when building a blockchain for business networks is understanding the business aspect itself. Learn more about iTizzi’s leading blockchain smart contract network strategy for business.

Final Stage – Unlocking Potential Through Network Design Strategy

After completing the consultation and network design phase, the iTizzi Blockchain Services team will outline actions and solutions that include planning, exploring, creating and modifying the network.