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However, only the most innovative technologies such as cloud computing, business intelligence or artificial intelligence provide such opportunities. It is the ability of a computer system to reproduce human cognitive functions, such as learning and problem solving, that are used successfully in business. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new technology, it was launched 50 years ago.

However, it was the breakthrough in the availability of high computing power that made it one of the fastest growing areas and had a huge impact on shaping the direction of development of ERP systems.

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Thanks to artificial intelligence, devices and machines can replace humans in many areas. They demonstrate the ability to reason, plan, create, and learn. The system works similarly to humans. Based on data and patterns, artificial intelligence conducts predictive analysis and makes decisions. Moreover, it is a self-improving solution that eliminates errors in subsequent actions.

Already today, iTizzi develops artificial intelligence solutions in many areas of daily life, in Internet tools and in business. Artificial intelligence is used, for example, by search engines and translators, as well as household appliances such as air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. It is also increasingly used in factories and agriculture.

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Machine learning (ML) is part of the field of artificial intelligence. Responsible for automatically “learning” programs so that they can improve themselves, fix bugs and better perform their tasks in new situations. Their goal is to identify trends, patterns and patterns. The more data we provide, the more possibilities our program will have, that is, without additional programmer work, it will simply work better.

Machine learning technology can now be used in medicine, transportation, financial services, insurance, and even sales. Thanks to the ability to analyze huge amounts of data, it can detect trends and patterns that humans are unable to grasp.

How will AI and machine learning developments advance your business?

Artificial intelligence has become a key trend in digital transformation – along with cloud computing. It will have an increasing impact not only on the transformation of society, but also on business, providing enterprises with completely new opportunities to automate and make better decisions in a very short time.

Why is artificial intelligence (AI) so important in business? Its main goal is to improve the efficiency of the enterprise, automate processes and give the enterprise an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Its implementation is largely supported by machine learning. Artificial intelligence participates in their processing, obtaining reliable information and making decisions.

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Employees follow certain operating procedures while performing their duties using an artificial intelligence system. These repetitive processes can be handled and executed automatically by software and a set of data-driven rules. This is not only about reducing working hours – the program can perform many tasks not only faster than a person, but also better – making more effective decisions. Applications of AI for automation include, for example, administration, sales and accounting.

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Artificial intelligence provides relevant knowledge not only about the current situation, but also indicates trends. This enables enterprises to conduct predictive analytics and make optimal business and operational decisions. Based on this information, you can eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain or forecast demand – and thus plan the demand for goods or the production schedule.

What will your company gain from machine learning?

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Artificial intelligence is a vast field encompassing many theories, methods and technologies, with the following main sub-areas:

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