Artificial intelligence (AI) in e-commerce in Ukraine – Creative approach to working with clients at iTizzi


AI Artificial Intelligence has entered everyday life forever

Companies are using it more and more opportunities, consumers use it in their daily activities. People use it very often without even realizing it. Artificial intelligence has entered various areas of life, smart homes, autonomous vehicles, smart toys and business solutions are becoming popular. The modern consumer is using artificial intelligence to communicate with friends online, search for something on the Internet, and even shop.

Types of AI-based applications

The great computing power of computers and huge datasets allow technology to evolve. Artificial intelligence AI is a broadly understood concept. In general, these are all attempts by machines to imitate human intelligence. They can take on a simple game of tic-tac-toe, as well as the ability to fly an airplane. It all started with a mathematical model of neural networks. Another technique is machine learning development and deep learning implementation. Advanced algorithms enable the creation of intelligent interfaces, machine translation of texts and image recognition. Chatbots, recommendation systems, or advanced visualizations are AI. How can they be used in an online store? How to increase sales through technology development? It turns out that artificial intelligence is very helpful in personalizing messages.

Analysis and forecast of sales in online sales

With artificial intelligence in e-commerce, you can be notified of a drop in sales (caused, for example, by competitor behavior), problems with your online store, or bugs that lead to more frequent abandonment of items from your cart. Also of great importance is predictive analysis, thanks to which different systems can analyze different data, draw conclusions from it and predict future sales results.

Improving data security – AI development company iTizzi

The main challenge for e-commerce platforms is the secure storage of customer data. It turns out that artificial intelligence mechanisms provide this opportunity to secure data. The combination of AI with so-called deep learning can guarantee cybersecurity at a very high level. Artificial Intelligence can collect a huge amount of data (including research, news, or blogs) about various threats and the risk of coming into contact with them. This allows you to speed up the response time to emerging threats, such as pointing to malicious files or suspicious IP addresses, and improve various security features.

Personalization and recommendations

It’s no secret that personalization is one of the leading e-commerce trends today. This happens on many levels. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can better tailor your online store content and interface to the needs and preferences of your customers. AI also allows them to be monitored in real time, giving them the best shopping experience at every touchpoint. According to a survey by iTizzi, Vinnytsia, Kiev, 74% of marketers believe personalization increases customer engagement. What’s more, 40% of them spend more on purchases after being given a personalized offer. Artificial intelligence can collect customer data that can be used, among other things, to provide them with recommendations for various products. There are three main types:

All recommendations are intended to increase sales.

How to integrate the latest AI solutions into your online store?

There are many companies that are helping to apply artificial intelligence to online shopping. Even Facebook Ads offers targeting ads to people in a specific location or interested in specific topics so that you can promote your products to specific users. Google Ads and Remarketing are also great use cases for artificial intelligence.

The use of artificial intelligence in e-commerce is becoming more and more popular. Personalized mailings, push messages or advertising campaigns are much more effective if they are based on intelligent processing of big data. You just need to consider using such a solution in your business. Artificial intelligence development company iTizzi, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, will provide complex IT and AI solutions for a successful Internet business.