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Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), automated recruitment software and data analysis, Eastern European employers can attract the best talent and provide them with irreplaceable experience in the recruitment process.

Many of us misunderstand artificial intelligence (AI) and its importance in human resources management. Contrary to concerns about the loss of human factor in the work, artificial intelligence (AI) is trying to keep it in the processes of personnel management.

Technology is increasingly taking over the hiring process. To get the most out of HR automation, learn at iTizzi Ukraine Kiev how to implement artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in recruiting.

How to use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in recruiting?

According to a 2018 report, employers found artificial intelligence (AI) most useful in:

Take advantage of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and automation technologies to attract the best talent and provide the best credentials in the hiring process.

1. Find the most suitable candidates

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology allows you to create a personalized set of EVPs (Employee Value Prepositions), that is, values ​​specific to a given company and candidate. Thanks to this, you can directly contact each candidate and meet their expectations. To do this, you need to monitor the candidate’s actions on the company’s website, and then provide them with content that matches their personal interests.

Recruitment technology also allows hundreds of candidate profiles to be analyzed in just a few seconds. Depending on the position, industry, location, or portal experience, you can access both active and passive candidates. This will ensure that you find the right candidates and grow your talent base.

2. Examine the resume and applications

Determining the potential of future candidates is critical in the recruitment process. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), you can find the best candidate whose experience matches the skills you expect for the job. Recruitment software based on pre-defined skills, experience and specific features will allow you to automatically rank, evaluate and select the strongest candidates.

The skills candidates are looking for can be established by both the hiring team and artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can analyze them based on the experience and performance of the potential employee.

3. Use chatbots to automate hiring processes

Recruitment chatbots allow you to communicate in real time 24/7. What’s more, they also give them the opportunity to ask questions about the requirements and provide helpful tips and suggestions for the next steps in the hiring process. Chatbots can also ask candidates questions related to their qualifications, job status, or experience related to their application to your company. What’s more, they can also process the data very quickly and even move the candidate to the next recruiting stage.

4. Digitization of interviews – development in the field of AI – Vinnitsa, Odessa

Artificial Intelligence (AI) video interviews allow you to assess the selected words, pronunciation and facial expressions of a candidate, and then decide if it suits your company’s culture and requirements for the job. Digital interviews may also be needed to determine the soft skills of a candidate. Especially if you are recruiting employees for remote work. For example, by observing a candidate’s body language, you can judge their personality. A video-based interview based on artificial intelligence (AI) assessment of the candidate allows you to narrow down a wider pool of candidates and better prepare for the final recruitment phase.

What are the benefits of automating the HR process? Saving time, helping to get rid of prejudices, being able to find the best candidates, saving money.

Are you ready to start using artificial intelligence (AI) and recruiting automation in Dnipro, Lviv? iTizzi can help!

Our recruitment software will enable you to recruit faster, easier and stress-free. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), you will dramatically reduce the amount of administrative tasks in the hiring process, as well as reduce the time and resources required to review candidates’ resumes, organize them for recruitment interviews, or send automated email notifications.