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One trend that is particularly worth looking at is artificial intelligence, which can accelerate company growth and increase sales in the online trading sector. So how do you use it in a company? Artificial intelligence gives e-commerce great opportunities. Unsurprisingly, it is widely used by giants like Google, Facebook or Microsoft. However, it is worth paying special attention to Amazon, which is in many ways a pioneer in this area. So how do you use artificial intelligence in e-commerce? Here are a couple of ways.

Visual Search

Increasingly, instead of entering key phrases into a search engine, customers decide to search for products by images. Just take a photo of the product you like to find identical or very similar products on the Internet. Such opportunities are offered to customers by the ASOS application, which reads the image depending on the shape, color or size. This type of tool will work especially well when the customer knows nothing about the product. For example, many consumers buy shoes they like without knowing they are Oxfords or loafers, and through visual search they can easily find them on the Internet.

Phrase completion – AI technology development for business

Phrase autocomplete allows you to refine your phrase based on several letters you type. If the algorithms are configured correctly, after entering them, the user should display a product that will suit his needs. The difference is that a conventional search engine only works with words or their fragments, without a broader context. The situation is different in the case of a search engine using artificial intelligence. Among other things, you should use automatic phrase completion when promoting new products. How? In such cases, an appropriate rule should be established. This allows a customer who enters the term “shoes” into a store search engine to see, for example, the sneakers that you want to promote at the moment.

Chatbots for an online store

In other words, chatbots are chats that simulate conversations between real people and customers. Their work is based on complex algorithms. They can answer certain questions even instead of employees, which will significantly relieve them of many responsibilities and provide customers with instant online support. Their great advantage is also the fact that they work 24 hours a day, even when the service staff cannot answer customer questions. Chatbots are one of the elements of so-called conversational trading, and should not be ignored, because, as research shows, they increase conversions by as much as 10-15%. Moreover, according to the study, up to 20% of consumers are ready to buy goods or services through a chatbot.

Virtual assistants

Some platforms are already using a different AI solution, namely virtual assistants, which help users solve various problems. They are especially popular both in the West and in the East of Europe. The best example here is Amazon’s Alexa, thanks to which you can order, for example, pizza from your favorite restaurant.

Virtual assistants can answer increasingly detailed questions. For example, if a customer asks if the camera is waterproof, there is a good chance that the virtual assistant will answer correctly. What’s more, Alexa is now being used in the cosmetics industry to automate the cosmetics shopping process. How? For example, a customer can do a virtual makeover, based on which the virtual assistant recognizes the products from which he was made, and then orders them over the Internet. This is possible thanks to smart mirrors that work with Alexa.

Filtering fake reviews

Reviews are of great importance today when shopping for a wide variety of products. According to Dimensional Research, up to 90% of customers say they influence their buying decisions. Unfortunately, there are times when some of the reviews are fake and created by competitors, haters or bots just to hurt us. Amazon decided to fight them with artificial intelligence. The system works in such a way that it gives more weight to opinions that have been reviewed by other users and marked as helpful by them.

Online shopping and the introduction of artificial intelligence

The largest players in the e-commerce market are using artificial intelligence. Amazon has a self-learning search engine. Artificial neural networks are used in product recommendations. Information about the preferences of a particular shopper is analyzed, and on this basis, automatic suggestions are selected to increase their shopping cart. Automate your business and use AI solutions for business with iTizzi Software Development Company, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv.