7 rules from itizzi, envied with experience of the biggest startups – launching a startup in ukraine


Build an MVP ASAP

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product – can be translated as Minimum Viable Product. Even if it looks bad at this stage, create an MVP that lets others see what’s in your head. Make it something that has one key feature that sets your product apart from the crowd. Don’t overload it with a lot of features – the MVP should show the feature of the product that you consider most important.

For example, Gusto is a tool that makes it easier for employees to manage payments. Rather than creating a list of 100 features that will convince companies to use their tool, the creators focused on one thing – getting employees paid on time. It was enough to start with a minimum, and then they added additional features such as tax management and health benefits.

To successfully launch a startup in Kyiv, talk to your future clients

Think about who your client might be, and then just reach out to those people and start talking. Even if you only have an idea at this stage, share it with people you think might like it. It is important – do not make the implementation of the project dependent on the opinion of these people. You will find almost 2 billion people on Facebook, but this means that most of the world’s population does not use it. And at the time when the portal was created, much fewer people believed in its success. Every startup starts with a vision of the founder. If this vision were obvious and guaranteed success, someone would already have implemented this idea. The purpose of talking to others is to find inspiration for excellence and also to respond to product shortcomings.

 Spend time with the most futuristic buyers, but don’t create everything they ask for

This may sound strange, but it is very important. When you start working on a product, reach out to people who are using the latest technology, queuing up for the latest iPad, and having Amazon Alexa on their desktop. They often know better than you how to use technology to create the future. These are people who can help you believe that what you are doing makes sense.

On the other hand, they may have a long list of features that they think you should implement in your product.

Take the shoes of your future clients – get to know them as best you can

Think about how they spend their free time, what interests them, what they talk about with their friends, what they do on the Internet, what city they live in (Vinnytsia, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv or Kiev), how much money they have. Learn as much as possible about them and become one of them. You cannot create a good product for these people, and therefore create a successful startup, until you understand them. And it’s not just about reading articles on the Internet about the behavior, beliefs, and values ​​of a certain group of people. You must meet with them and ask questions, talk, find out.

Make changes to the product for users frequently and quickly

There is one basic rule of decision-making in startup development – you should always listen to the client. When making a decision in a company, it must be based on what the market says. This is why you should contact users as often as possible with what you create and ask their opinion.

Find the biggest fans of your product and involve them in promoting what you create

When you talk to people, you are likely to find people who love your product. If you do not find any such person, you can refuse further development … But if there are such people, do not leave them, but offer cooperation. Let them recommend your startup to their friends, go to conferences and promote what you create, let them become testers of your product.

Design the product in such a way that you want to buy it yourself

Here is the history of the most successful startups. If you have a problem, a need, then think about whether your life will become easier after solving it? Would you use this decision tool if it existed? The question of whether you will pay for it is not necessarily justified – the product can be free and make money, for example, from ads like Google.

In general, the launch of a start-up project is an excellent solution for people who have decided to start their career in the business world. If an entrepreneur believes that his business model is innovative and has a chance to develop, he should definitely start it. In Ukraine and Eastern Europe, iTizzi Software Development Company also offers its services in the field of creating and launching a startup, possible thanks to the development of the company’s infrastructure, marketing tools and consultations of specialists in specific market sectors.